Hi. I am Leigh Malcolm the designer and creator of BRALINE garments.

My introduction to bra design began in 2013 shortly after being diagnosed with Paget disease a rare form of breast cancer.

After a total mastectomy and reconstruction of my right breast I was left with radically different sized breasts. My right breast was now a D cup size but the original left breast was a  G cup size.

I remained with this disparity in size for three months until the left breast was reduced to a D cup size.


Inquiries for a possible bra solution failed. There were no such products available.

This was not acceptable! So  I set about designing and making bras fit for purpose.

My idea was  to create an  individually designed, made-to-measure component bra that addressed the requirements of each individual woman.

From this point the BRALINE business began and has continued to progress to making bras for any woman regardless of age, shape or size who need to find a  better fitting bras.