Bra design

 Component  Bra design

Each design is a made-to-measure component bra consisting of three separate sections and features:

  • hooks placed at the back for adjustment
  • a front closure
  • an underwire alternative

 The bra caters for women with a variety of issues or requirements, including:

  • different sized breasts
  • pre or post-mastectomy
  • following breast reconstruction or size changes
  • wearing a prosthesis
  • scarring or pressure problems
  • big breasts
  • movement difficulties
  • general fitting problems

Material used in the construction:

  • 1mm Neoprene (thin wetsuit fabric) used for construction
  • Seams are butted together
  • Very durable and strong
  • Retains shape
  • Able to be used as swimwear
  • Shock cord used as alternative underwire

Advantage to bra users:

  • Very hard-wearing and strong
  • Seams are smooth against the skin
  • Can be used with or as swimwear
  • The shape of the bra remains constant
  • Easily cleaned
  • No painful underwire, shock cord helps to hold the shape of the bra but is still flexible