Pricing for other services


Initial consultation for work on a client’s existing bra
• Personal information and requirements discussed
• Personal measurements taken
• Assessment of the bra condition
• Estimate of cost for repair or alteration
Time:                   1 – 2 hours
Cost:                    $95.00     (Payment due at time of consultation)

Alterations  or repair for a clients existing bra
Small alterations are depended on the condition of the existing bra. A estimate will be give at the consultation.

Alterations can include:
• Repairs to client’s existing bra
• Shortening or increasing the back band
• Replacing hook and eye closures
• Putting in front hook and eye closures
• Adjustments to reduce cups
Time:                      1 – 2 weeks
Cost range:           $25.00 to $80.00  dependent on condition of bra and number of alteration needed  (Payment due when repair or alteration is completed)

Prosthesis covers
• Making a pattern for the prosthesis cover  (this will be kept on file for seven years)
• Material and manufacture based on the prosthesis measurements
Time:                   1 week
Cost:                    $25.00 per cover    (Payment due at time of ordering)

Prosthesis collars
• Making a pattern for the prosthesis collar based on the prosthesis measurements ( kept on file for seven years)
• Material, manufacture and fitting a prosthesis collar into an existing bra
Time:                   As required
Cost:                    $25.00  per collars   (Payment due when collar completed)

Personal bra shopper/ fitting service
• Available to assist a client as a personal shopper and bra fitter when purchasing off the rack bras
• Must have a consultation before to establish requirements
Time:                   As required
Cost:                    $40.00 consultation fee and $40.00 per hour  (Payment due time of the service)