Pricing for custom designed bra

The cost reflects the individuality of these custom designed and made bras, so it is a little higher than off the rack bras. The bras are individually made with a specific pattern made for each client. The fitting process works the same as if you were having any other clothing tailored to fit. Fitting times varies, but time is taken, no matter how long, to make sure the fit is perfect.


BRALINE Gift certificate available

BRALINE Gift certificate available


Initial consultation
• Personal information and requirements discussed
• Personal measurements taken
• fitting a range of sample bras based on size measurements
Time:                   1 – 2 hours
Cost:                    $95.00     (Payment due at time of consultation)

First bra and pattern
• Making the individual pattern (these are kept on file for seven years)
• Material and manufacture based on the initial measurements
• All fittings of the bra
• As many adjustments as required within first eight weeks
Time:                 Bra  completed 1 – 4 weeks
Cost:                  $185.00     (Deposit of $50 and balance due when bra is completed)

Changes to initial bra after three months
• Any alteration or adjustment required after three months to initial bra
• Two fittings
Time:                  Time as required
Cost:                   $40.00   to $80.00  (Payment due when adjustment is completed)

Second bra
• A second bra made using the measurements of the initial bra ( material and manufacture)
• One fitting
Time:                  Bra  completed 1- 4 weeks  (fitting time if required)
Cost:                   $145.00     ( Payment due at time of ordering)

Extra fitting for second or subsequent bra
• Fitting for changes to second or subsequent finished bras
• Time:                  up to 1 hour
• Cost:                    $45.00     (Payment due at time of fitting)

Changes/ extra components
• Making and fitting of one of the bra’s three components ( either cups or back )
Time:                  Component completed 1-4 weeks
Cost:                    $45.00 per component    (Payment due when component completed)