Sizes and Patterns

pattern pieces

pattern pieces

The bra size range available:

                        30AAA    –      48H

  • There are sample bras for each of the sizes in the range.
  • These sample bras are used in conjunction with the measuring schedule.

The pattern making process:

  • BRALINE pattern pieces with tools

    BRALINE pattern pieces with tools

    An individualised pattern is  made  for each client using the measurements taken at the initial fitting and from the sample bra fitting.

  • A flat paper pattern is created with these specific measurements. It  comprises from 7 to 13 pieces depending on the fitting needs of the individual
  • All adjustments are marked on these pattern pieces throughout the  fitting process.   This ensures that all future bras made for this client are accurate.
  • This paper pattern is labelled and  kept in the client’s file.
  • All patterns are kept for seven years